• Start living in alignment with your True Story

    Renske van Kollenburg is a coach, consultant and counselor to artists and music industry professionals. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and working internationally, with over 20 years of experience she is focused on (re)gaining optimal health for her clients from the creative industry and is dedicated to guiding them on their journey to rewrite the Story of their Life and to start living in alignment with their True Story.


    Living True to Your Story, what does that actually mean?

    It means living an authentic life. A healthy life free from conditioning, limiting beliefs and trauma so we can show up in the world as our true self. It's like putting on your favorite record and getting in a state of flow. Reprogramming your DNA by using the right frequencies (it's possible!) for you to create a life that is right for yóu. When you start making decisions as yourself - the nature of who you are - you will create more harmony and resonance.


    As a music industry coach & consultant I work with high performance professionals who operate in a high demanding, competetive, fast moving environment. Research has shown that people working in the music industry are more prone to mental health problems than the general population, with musicians being up to three times more likely to suffer from depression. Factors such as insecure income, difficulty achieving a work/life balance, poor diet, lack of sleep and access to alcohol and drugs can all take their toll on wellbeing and mental health. Also our individual stories play a significant role. Adverse childhood experiences often lead to living out patterns that keep us from living an authentic life and makes it even more difficult to handle the stressors of the music industry. This can lead to mental and physical illness.

    If you feel you need support, I invite you to reach out to see where I can support you in your process towards living your true story; an authentic and healthy life.


    (Tim Bergling aka Avicii's first two albums were True and Stories. He is a big inspiration in my work. May he rest in peace and may his impact on the world lead to living our True Stories.)



  • How can my sessions help you?

    I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all method. You are unique - so is every coaching trajectory.

    If you are interested or have questions, please e-mail: renske@splashmusicmedia.com or book a free Discovery Call.


    • See your strengths
    • Discover your style of working
    • Heal from and prevent burnout
    • Give you your strategy to make the best decisions
    • Dealing with overwhelm and busyness
    • Help you get into alignment
    • Teach you how to best manage your energy
    • See where you are conditioned and support in the de-conditioning process
    • Help you see how you are uniquely designed
    • Understand how you interact with others around you
    • Give you permission to be who you are
    • Help you love yourself
    • Help you be yourself
    • Discover your life purpose
    • Increase self awareness
    • Increase effectiveness
    • See where you are blocking yourself
    • Building confidence
    • Balancing work and family
    • How to deal with constant pressure


    • Live authentically true to yourself
    • Understand how you show up in the world
    • Understand how you and your personal or working relationships affect each other
    • Understand how your body and mind are connected
    • Understand your personality traits
    • Understand where you are most vulnerable and open to conditioning from others
    • Discover your inner authority - how life works for yóu
    • Understand why someone else’s success strategy isn’t working for you and what can work instead
    • Live a healthier life
    • Increase confidence and self-esteem
    • Get clarity around important decisions
    • Support and development around social competences and (inter)personal skills
    • Speaking more effectively in group settings
    • Career exploration
    • Identifying and overcoming barriers
    • Getting clear on and staying accountable to your goals
    • You need someone to talk to, a confidante
  • If you are interested in working together, book a free introduction call or please e-mail:


    Only open for those who are fully committed and want to make a serious change in their life.

    You have my full commitment. You need yours too.

    Limited spots available.

    I work with those whose word and commitment are more powerful than any contract or document. 

    Serious and appropriate inquiries only.

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    FREE Course: How to Read your Human Design Chart

    Have you asked:
    - How do I get my Human Design chart?
    - WTF do these shapes and lines mean?
    This FREE course will walk you through your Human Design chart, step by step. +1.5 hrs of kick-ass content and reveals your unique magic.

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  • Bodywork & Healing

    Book me for an appointment, or let's have a chat about what this can do for you.

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    TRANSFORMATIONAL CUPPING®, Detoxing and Bodywork

    The traditional way of cupping but slighty different ;) Transformational Cupping® works with movement and reaches deeper levels of the body (and mind!). It helps to get rid of old layers with fat / cellulite / toxins / energy blocks / trauma's - easily & fast. Nutrition advice based on YOUR unique blueprint included. Treatment is €60,- per hour.

    • Trauma, stress relief.
    • Rejuvenation.
    • Functionality of the organs improves
    • Works on the lymphatic and nervous system
    • Restless legs treatment
    • Cellulite treatment 
    • And much more! Reach out to discuss what this can do for your health and wellbeing. 
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    Ear acupuncture

    Treats anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, migraines, infertility, addiction, cravings, weight loss.


    Ear acupuncture was developed half a century ago by the French Doctor Paul Nogier.

    The goal of auricular acupuncture is to normalize the body's dysfunction by stimulating certain points in the ear. I often use this technique as part of a Transformational Cupping and / or Reiki treatment. Auricular acupuncture can be used for a wide range of indications, and it is especially useful to relieve pain, calm the mind, treat allergies and infectious diseases, regulate endocrine system disorders, and treat chronic disease and functional disorders. The tiny, short intradermal needle can stimulate the area for 3 up to 14 days.



    Understand how to read your own Human Design Chart in 27 short and easy to understand videos!

    If you are new to Human Design this information will get you to understand the basics of Human Design.

    The course functions great as a foundation before a reading as well as a reminder tool after you had one.

    Course: How to Read your Human Design Chart (TEMPORARILY FREE -> JUST CLICK THE 'BUY NOW' BUTTON!)

    Course: How to Read your Human Design Chart (TEMPORARILY FREE -> JUST CLICK THE 'BUY NOW' BUTTON!)

    Have you asked:
    - How do I get my Human Design chart?
    - What do these shapes and lines mean?
    - This course will walk you through your Human Design chart, step by step.
    - +1.5 hrs of kick-ass content and reveals your unique magic.
    - PayPal payment

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  • "I feel like I'm finally in the right place, that I'm doing what I came here to do:

    Guiding people towards 'the new' without losing themselves and supporting them in finding themselves again so they can live an authentic life. A life that resonates with their deepest desires, free from conditioning."

    Renske van Kollenburg

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