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    Hi, let me introduce myself.


    I'm Renske, an electronic music professional with two decades of experience. Initially known for my interview work with artists like Nile Rogers, Will.i.Am, Boy George, Avicii, Carl Cox, and Armin van Buuren. I've also DJed internationally under my moniker Sairen since 2011.

    I have played mostly techno gigs. Dub and Detroit techno are my main inspirations.

    Over the years I have worked as a film producer, event moderator, radio- and award show host in venues like the Johan Cruijff Arena and AFAS Live

    with audiences up to 30k people.


    Coming from the fast paced music industry and having worked at big multinationals like Endemol Shine Group , I am intrigued by how to (re)gain optimal health for high performance professionals.  Burnout, depression and often illness, are ways of the body telling us that we are living a life which is not really ours.

    Now, as a public speaker and support system, my focus is on helping creatives achieve optimal health and well-being by understanding their unique energy and breaking free from societal expectations. I emphasize the importance of self-love, guiding individuals to embrace their uniqueness, reduce stress, and foster a positive mindset. Employing a holistic approach, I draw on my background in psychology, Human Design, mindfulness, and various certifications to empower individuals to live authentically and sustainably. Working with me is a journey to self-discovery, self-love, and optimal living.



    For questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

    For inquiries or more info about my work as an interviewer, speaker, or event moderator, click here.

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    My coaching means holistic guidance in your journey to stand out and embrace your success as your unique authentic self.


    I'm a professional in the music industry for over 15 years, and actively involved for over two decades. I have seen and experienced all aspects of the electronic music industry from up close. My passion for electronic dance music brought me all around the world and eventually catapulted me into a career as an international DJ. Besides my work as an international DJ, interviewing artists and key-figures in the music industry, I have also worked as a radio host, film producer, award-show host and music conference moderator.


    I am also active as a public speaker discussing mental health in and outside the music industry. I have not only seen friends and colleagues in the music industry struggling to set boundaries, keeping a healthy balance and self-sabotaging themselves, I have also experienced most of it myself. I have suffered from a severe burnout myself and have worked with amazing artists like Avicii who we lost in April '18. Since then I am fully dedicated to ending the stigma related to mental health issues in the music industry and to delivering a helpful, personal and accurate guidance in an accessible way in a safe environment.


    When we decide to walk through a coaching trajectory together, I use a variety of tools and knowledge I've gathered over the last 20 years investing in my own growth and development, so that I can now fully support you.


    The goal in my work is to have my clients regain control of their health through insight in their personal blueprint, bringing the unseeable to the surface (emotional blockages) and education on self-care strategies. Before I started working in the music industry, I graduated at the Hogeschool in Eindhoven. I have a Bachelor degree in Social Work.


    Besides being a certified Human Design Specialist, I am also certified in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Transformational Cupping® (a combination of cupping, manual therapy, nutrition and detoxing, based on Eastern and Western medicine - with food as the medicine), in HUE at the HUE faculty and I am a Reiki Master.


    As your coach, my goal is to see you succeed as the person behind the artist not just the artist. One cannot cancel the other out. You are always traveling your own journey and it is easy to lose yourself without the right guidance. I mentor you through your personal process so you come out authentic, confident, strong and self-aware.I can help you re-define yourself so you feel like you're back on track with a clear vision. You will stand out and back in touch with yourself again and the next phase in your career and the music industry. Awareness is key! Most people know what they are doing but not why they are doing it and experience resistance. Together we find out your ' why' and where the resistance you are experiencing is coming from. We come to clarity, putting yourself way ahead of other artists. All this and more will lead to your transformation.