• Human Design Consults, Coaching, and Team Assessments

    If you’re like most of my clients, you’ve probably attended multiple personal growth seminars and read lots of books about manifesting “change” and creating success in your life. Maybe you’ve even studied specific techniques to help you release “blocks” and get yourself “unstuck”.

    But you still haven’t seen the results you’ve been hoping for (even though you’ve been doing everything “right.”) It’s not your fault.


    The single most important reason you haven’t had the results you’ve been working so hard for is this: a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to life does not work. Each of us has our own energetic blueprint and individual style of operating successfully in life.

    What might work for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. A Human Design chart offers an astonishingly accurate guide to your personality, as well as direction and counsel on how you can deal with challenges in your life.


    Human Design is a very accurate personal assessment tool and self-knowledge system, and it helps you understand yourself on deep levels.  

    You can see it as your personal manual. The system is a synthesis of various old teachings and systems (like the Chinese I’Ching and Hindu- Brahmin Chakra Model) in addition to Modern Science (Biology, Quantum Physics, Biochemistry) and Genetics. Your Human Design chart is calculated using your birth date, time and place. Human Design is all about differentiation - it’s what makes you unique and different from others.

    It gives you specific information about your style of working, your relationship blueprint, how you experience and use your energy, and most importantly, how to create a truly authentic life.

  • Human Design Team Assessments

    Assessing team workflow using Human Design enhances collaboration by leveraging individual strengths and preferences, improving communication, fostering a more inclusive environment, and optimizing task allocation based on team members' natural abilities. It provides a holistic view that considers both the individual and collective dynamics, promoting a balanced and effective team structure.




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    Jennie Morton - BSc (Hons) Osteopathy, specialized in performing arts (Los Angeles, USA)

    "I just wanted to share again my profound gratitude for the Human Design session and for the work you put into creating my report. I was so fascinated by it and so in awe of your mastery of this beautiful modality. Since the session, I have made so many connections between things that are happening in my life and certain aspects of my report, all of which are helping me to better understand how I respond in specific situations and to make choices that are more aligned with my HD profile. Huge thanks for this gift that keeps on giving!"

  • Tailored Sessions and Trajectories

    Elevate your performance and embrace authenticity with specialized sessions   

    Would you love to know how to use your energy in the most productive and efficient ways?

    Would you love to tap into your unique way of easily making the most aligned decisions for your personal life and business without over-analyzing or getting paralyzed in fears?

    If you work in a high demanding environment it is a necessity to get to know yourself on deep levels and you need to unlock your peak performance by mastering your energy and decision-making. Your personal blueprint gives the tools to navigate life in an efficient and healthy way for yóu.

    Not only will these sessions give you in-depth insights, you also receive practical tools to integrate these insights so that you and/or your team

    can experience a major transformation.


    All my sessions / trajectories are tailored to you.

    To map out your personal wishes, I always have a free introduction call first.

    Consults are in English or Dutch.  

  • Foundational Session

    A Foundational Session delves deep into your unique Human Design, revealing how your personal energy influences your life and relationships. Learn to make aligned decisions effortlessly, activate vitality, and create authentic, healthy connections. It's the cornerstone for success in every aspect of your life.

    Advanced Session

    For those familiar with their design, the Advanced Session fine-tunes alignment to your specific needs.


    I also offer longer trajectories.

    Team Assessments

    Team Assessments cater to professionals, offering profound insights and practical tools for individual and collective transformation. I help organizations and individuals to gain insight into themselves and each other and how to collaborate with others during teamsessions.


  • Human Design Consults and Coaching

    Would you love to know how to use your energy in the most productive and efficient ways?

    Would you love to tap into your unique way of easily making the most aligned decisions for your personal life and business without over-analyzing or getting paralyzed in fears?


    The Foundational Session is the most important Human Design session you will ever get.

    It will cover your Human Design Type, Strategy, Authority and Centers.

    You are going to learn how your personal energy works in the world. You will also discover your best way to make decisions, how you can tap into your right work, live your life purpose, create healthy relationships that honor who you are, how to activate greater vitality and well-being, and what you can do today to start living a truly authentic life. It’s like building a house. With a solid foundation, you are setting the stage for success. In all areas of your life.


    The Advanced Session is for you if you want to do the full deep dive at once or maybe you’ve already had a reading or are very familiar with Human Design. In this session we will dive much deeper. This session covers your Gates, Channels, Profile, Incarnation Cross and we will fine-tune your alignment further.


    I also do longer trajectories and full team assessments. All my sessions / trajectories are tailored to you.

    This is why I always have a free introduction call first; to map out your personal wishes.


    *Exact birth times are necessary for the Human Design sessions*

    Please contact me if you do not know your exact birth time.  

    Consults are in English or Dutch.  

    Click on the figure below for more info about the specific session. 

  • Why a Human Design Team Assessment?


    Enhanced Collaboration


    Inclusive Atmosphere


    Personal Growth


    Optimized Task Allocation


    Improved Communication


    Balanced Team Structure


    Inspired Creativity


    Individual Empowerment


    Resilience & Adaptability


    Efficient Decision-Making


    Streamlined Workflow


    Happier Team

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    Isaac Kaufman - Actor (Los Angeles, USA)

    "Renske is a modern day "medicine-woman". Anyone can simply read a Human Design chart to someone, but it takes very special kind of person, a special kind of healer, to intuitively feel her way into the deeper truth. Not just a general truth, but the specific truths which lies with the unique individual she is coaching. That, among other things, is Renske's gift - a gift which is she so clearly committed to sharing with others. I know this not only because of what she shared with me in my session with Renske, but also because I have spoken with others who have also had sessions with her. And each of us have astonished when sharing our unique experiences and insights from working with Renske. She helped me learn "new" things about myself which I intuitively knew were true, but now consciously aware of. She helped me remember crucial things about myself which have now crystalized. All of which has left me feeling grateful, focused, and empowered in moving forward to create the life I want.

    Trust your intuition, call Renske."

  • Thinking about an individual session or a Human Design team assessment

    and you'd like more info?

    Feel free to contact me!

  • How It Works for individual sessions

    Yes, I want a session! What do I do now?


    In a short introduction call we discuss your personal needs. We will schedule your session, we make sure your birth details are correct and I will ask you some questions beforehand to make sure the reading will be to your satisfaction.


    The Human Design Session

    Your personal reading is held via Zoom (or live if preferred

    and if possible).

    A presentation is prepared and shared with you via the screen so you can soak in all the information about your unique blueprint.


    After the session

    You receive the recording & your personal Human Design Report. You will carry the insights you received about yourself with you for the rest of your life. Often a de-conditioning process starts and clients schedule a follow-up session for guidance and to deepen their understanding.

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    Get Your FREE Human Design Chart from Genetic Matrix!


    "Living your Design is what the knowledge of Human Design is all about. It's the experiment of

    transforming your life decision by decision."

    Ra Uru Hu (founder of the Human Design system).