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Advanced Human Design Reading (120 - 180 min) Includes your personal custom-made report!

The Advanced Reading is for you if you want to do the full deep dive at once or maybe you’ve already had a reading or are very familiar with your Centers, Strategy and Authority. We will dive deeper into your Gates, Channels, Profile, Incarnation Cross and fine-tune your Alignment further.

A detailed analysis of your internal functioning:

How and based on what to make decisions for yourself. Where your inner authority is and what is your strategy
How the mechanics of your body and mind work and how they influence each other
What your strengths are and how to use them and live them in a healthy way
What affects you, what makes you weaker and what to do with the energy you take over from your environment
How to maintain a healthy physical body and what to avoid to prevent stress build-up and imbalances that lead to diseases. The mechanics of your personality and your potential.

More Details

90 Minute (180 min if you want the Foundational + Advanced in 1 go)  Advanced Human Design Reading consists of a one-on-one safe space for us to dive deeper into the heart of your Chart and for me to synthesize the specifics of your unique Design. 

The Advanced Reading is for you if you’ve already had a Foundational Reading or are very familiar with your Centers, Strategy and Authority. We will dive deeper into your Gates and Channels and fine-tune your Alignment further.

What can you expect? 

  • A Basic Overview of Quantum Human Design
  • How understanding Type and Strategy can help you with money, relationships, parenting, health, and lifestyle
  • How to help you make empowered decisions by connecting to their innate wisdom, your Authority
  • How people interact with your energy, your unique energy needs and what motivates and drives you.
  • How understanding their Profile helps you to know your relationship patterns, your learning style and what you need to feel confident about your decision-making strategy
  • How your Energy Centers influences, motivates and drives depending on what you have open or defined, and how you can use this understanding to helps you tap into greater power, a deeper connection with your Authentic self, and how to break free from limiting patterns or “feeling stuck”.
  • Gates, Channels, Profile, Incarnation Cross.
  • Your biggest life lesson, what drives you, a foundational look into relationships (how you are influenced, what you need in relationships). 
Readings are offered via the Zoom platform, a live video meeting that allows us to see one another and for me to share my screen with you. A recording will be provided to you afterwards along with your personal reading report!